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Find Serenity & Bliss in the Adriatic Sea

Nothing compares to the refreshing swim in the calm waters of the Adriatic sea. Afterwards, you can enjoy the sun or rest in the shade of the pine trees.

Tone Your Body & Increase Energy

If you want strong and toned core with all the benefits of a regular yoga practice - Yogalates is for you! The daily practice will raise your sense of wellbeing and joy.

Enjoy the Charm of Croatia's Coastline

Enjoy exploring the beautiful coastal towns and villages of the island of Losinj. There are so many charming and historic places to see.

Rejuvenate Your Spirit & Heal the Body

If you have been stressed out and burdened, you deserve to surround yourself with the healing beauty of nature. I have always found my summer visits to Croatia incredibly relaxing and healing.

Every picture is a postcard

Croatia is has always been Europe's best kept secret! Now it is finally getting the popularity it deserves. We Croats believe it is the most beautiful country in the world.

Learn how to read your fortune with Tarot and Turkish coffee!

If you want some clarity in your life, or just have fun with fortune telling - you are in for a treat! I will teach you my secrets...

Rest & Heal

The island of Losinj is famous as a place of rest and healing. It is known for restoring the respiratory system. Due…

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Enjoy the Sights

Visit the neighboring towns of Mali Losinj, where the promenade filled with restaurants, shops, and cafe’s, and Osor, a charming artistic…

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Your daily morning practice of yogalates will keep you strong and lean, as well as maintain a level of joy and…

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We are thrilled to be featured in the Yoga Journal as one of the top 15 Yoga Retreats in Paradise! Click HERE to check out the article.

Thank you for visiting us!  We are proud to offer an amazing and magical Yogalates Croatian retreats coming up this June 2019!

If you are looking to experience stunning beauty of Croatian beaches, fairytale towns, joyful gatherings, rejuvenation and relaxation, and enjoy daily yogalates ~ then you must join us this June in the Croatian island of Losinj.

Retreat dates :

  1. June 23, 2019 ~ July 1, 2019 (9 days)


For more details about our retreats, please click onto Retreat Details from the menu or click HERE


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The Experience


The Rejeuvenation

Mali Losinj is famous for its respiratory healing qualities, and there are many people all over the world who visit in order toRead More
Croatian cuisine

Croatian Cuisine

Croatian people love to eat, and if you are a foodie - you are in luck! You will enjoy delicious dishes, freshly caughtRead More
Coffee cup reading is a widespread and popular fortune telling method in Middle East and  parts of Europe

Your Fortune

The art of reading Turkish coffee grounds is an old Croatian tradition. You will get a reading and a lesson! This is aRead More


A combination of yoga and pilates, yogalates is a wonderful way to reap all the benefits of yoga with the incredible core strengthRead More

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